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Case of the missing comma nets drivers $10 million

Time to admit to the world that I’m a fan of the serial (a.k.a. “Oxford” or “Harvard”) comma.

In my opinion, it makes any series of parallel words or phrases joined by “and” easier to understand and far less confusing. But not everyone is as liberal as I am about using commas — serial or […]

Boardroom buzz words that make my hair hurt

Just came out of a strategy meeting with my hair hurting, teeth grinding, and a renewed appreciation for simplicity in language — and thought. Indeed, as Geoffrey James maintains, language can shape thought. That’s why “fuzzy language” leads to “fuzzy” thinking, he says.

James, a contributing editor at, has written extensively on the neuroscience […]

Embrace simplicity

Found this on recently and taped it near my computer as a great reminder that more often than not, less is more.

Thought it worth sharing with all of you. Enjoy!


“Institutional” web site copy: My own March Madness

Working with a client this spring to develop new content for their financial services website that is straightforward, concise, and “human,” I was constantly reminded of just how difficult it is to reconcile the elegance of plain language with the client’s need to impress prospective clients by using corporate-speak and financial jargon. “This is madness,” […]