“Institutional” web site copy: My own March Madness

Working with a client this spring to develop new content for their financial services website that is straightforward, concise, and “human,” I was constantly reminded of just how difficult it is to reconcile the elegance of plain language with the client’s need to impress prospective clients by using corporate-speak and financial jargon. “This is madness,” […]

What’s the “secret sauce” for a great team?

Ever wonder why some of the teams you’ve worked on have been highly enjoyable and productive, and others seem doomed to failure?

The Project Aristotle team at Google took this question very seriously as it embarked on a two-year quest to discover the common traits of the company’s best teams. And their findings were unexpectedly […]

Three squares sum it up pretty well

Finally back to my blog, with a busy year full of “other things” intervening. But I’m looking forward to moving ahead — and offering a few helpful insights here and there as I (and my colleagues) continue our adventures in financial writing and editing.

One of the greatest of those adventures of course is trying […]

Closing in on year end: What I learned in 2014

It’s been a busy but rewarding year for those of us involved in creating clear, direct content for consumers of financial services information. And the good news is that the need for concise writing and engaging content will likely continue through 2015 and beyond for a number of reasons. Among them:

The need to translate […]

In a creative funk? Walk it off!

Ever feel like you’ve “gotta get outta Dodge” and take a walk to clear your head before you can solve your latest creative challenge?

Well, apparently there’s a reason for that: Walking boosts creativity.

And it doesn’t matter whether you walk outside or on a treadmill. Although the former is probably far more enjoyable, the […]