Note to Curmudgeon: Give Twitter a Chance

by Lauren Libitz, President, Yankee IABC

[See what The Friendly Curmudgeon had to say about Twitter back in June.]

I’m a big fan of the old saying, “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.” Most recently for me it has meant trying new foods that I thought would taste awful when they turned out to […]

Can Twitter Survive?

Will Twitter survive to challenge Facebook or MySpace? Not likely, opines The Friendly Curmudgeon. Because advertising is going to be the only way to sustain social media over the long term, Twitter, with its current model, is never going to realize the critical mass needed to battle competitors like Facebook or MySpace. […]

Nothing to Fear but Swine Flu News

24-hour cable and the art of overstatement

By William F. Walker, The Friendly Curmudgeon

In 1983, ABC televised The Day After, a rather heavy-handed propaganda piece about […]