Am I happier? You bet!

I know I’m more productive working from my home office — and I know other colleagues who are freelancers say the same thing. Despite the sometimes crazy deadlines (because we fear saying “no”) and spells of feeling isolated from office water cooler gossip, my work as a freelance consultant does give me the opportunity for more focus and concentration, as well as the flexibility and down time
I need to be more creative. (See my earlier posts on some easy ways to tap into your best out-of-the-box thinking and get the creative juices flowing.)

But what a relief it is to know that my hunches are now confirmed as scientific fact, thanks to new research from Stanford University. In a quick summary of the Stanford study, Inc. magazine reported that “researchers found letting employees work from home made them happier, less likely to quit, and more productive. … In fact,” said the Inc report, compared with office counterparts, those working from home made 13.5 percent more calls, quit 50 percent less, and said they were much happier on the job. 

Great to know the study confirms what I know to be true. I’m much more productive and creative working where I am now than I ever was in all my years as a corporate citizen. Thank goodness for the technology today that makes that happen.


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