Among my resolutions for 2010: Tackle Twitter

This week, after considerable research, I started using  to host and record the expert interviews I do for various freelance writing assignments.  Using the service – which requires only that both parties dial a central number and key in an access code – doesn’t exactly classify me as an “early adopter” (I’m sure it’s been available for ages) but it is a vast improvement over the mechanical recording methods I’ve used in the past.  Plus, it rids me of the gut-wrenching fear that I’ve missed the best quotes ever from a fabulous interview because I forgot to push the “REC” button.

But this nod to new technology only serves to remind me once again of the challenges I face in navigating (without map, compass, or GPS) a vast sea of new devices, services, and social media sites that pop up like icebergs daily, promising to make my work life “more productive,” my connections to colleagues “seamless,” and my efforts to secure new clients  “far more effective” than ever before.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in my little dory, either.  There must be many more people like me out there.  Otherwise, why would Wiley have created an entire publishing empire based on helping hapless “Dummies”?  (My latest discovery, Web Marketing for Dummies, is just one example.)

So, armed with the knowledge that there are kindred spirits everywhere who can offer a life vest and reassurance along the way, I’ve resolved for 2010 to make headway into the social media space.  This year I really will understand SEO, expand my use of Facebook for business, and set up, for all to see, a Twitter account.

My colleague, Neil Rhein, of Bulls-eye Communications put me one stroke closer to my goal today by offering an excellent article from John Arnold about which online marketing trends are worth pursuing.

I plan to read it on January 1, before the hoards arrive for New Year’s brunch.

It’s a start.  Wish me Godspeed in the year ahead.

And best wishes to you for a healthy and prosperous 2010!

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